Tsolmontuya Altankhundaga

MPA student at University of Hawaii USA
Bachelor of BA, Management Graduated in 2009“My experience at Raffles is life changing. The fact that all classes were taught in English, an internationally recognized degree had really influenced my parents to choose this institution for my education. After graduation, I was hired by the World Bank Project Unit in Mongolia. When I decided to pursue my master’s degree abroad, my undergraduate studies in English was a factor for my acceptance. My journey at Raffles really prepared me for my career and I am proud to be a Raffles alumni”.


Solongo Lkhagvasuren

Raffles Design Institute, Singapore
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Interior Design Graduated in 2016
“I am a Raffles Design Institute alumni and a proud owner of a design company “A.L.S. design”. It hasn’t been half a year since I finished my studies and I have already gained practical skills with various foreign companies, as well as finished projects from small to big. Studying at Raffles has not only built foundations on my career but also gave me the opportunity to connect in my network and grow further. My fellow classmates are also working in well-known design firms. Raffles really produces world-class graduates”.


Gantumur Batjargal

Purchasing Manager at Ochir Undraa Group
Bachelor of BA, Management Graduated in 2010
“The education and experience provided by Raffles helped me tremendously. As a purchasing manager at Ochir Undraa Group, I usually have to deal with people from different cultures. As a Raffles alumnus, I appreciate the quality of education I received and how the programme prepared me for my chosen career. Overall, my experience at Raffles was meaningful and rewarding.”