Human Resource Management and Leadership

The Raffles – Northumbria Bachelor Degree in HRM and Leadership is a top rated and European ranked program offered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia by Raffles Institute Mongolia.  The Bachelor Degree program is a modular program – course after course that you study after you successfully complete your two year Advanced Diploma in Business from Raffles Institute Mongolia.  The program lasts approximately ten (10) months.  The program is taught on-site at the Raffles Mongolia campus and students engage regularly with Northumbria University business faculty in Newcastle England, UK.

Preparation Courses:

Academic Writing and Academic Research:  These two courses prepare students for the writing and research requirements of the Bachelor Degree.  The two courses are taught simultaneously and are taught over a ten week period.

Bachelor Degree Courses:

Program Modules: Course Code: Course Name: Credit Hours:
Module #1 NX9629 Research Informed

Learning and Practice

20 Credits
Module #2 HR9684 Leadership 20 Credits
Module #3 SM9677 Understanding Strategy 20 Credits
Module #4 HR9683 Re-Imagining Work and Organizations 20 Credits
Module #5 HR9687 People Resourcing and Development 20 Credits
Module #6 NX9630 Research Dissertation 40 Credits